Scenario-based dictation exercises

Anglais général

Giving directions
A cycling holiday
Roadside assistance

Contenu de l’abonnement

Hotel check-in
A faulty product
Ordering at a coffee shop
Buying a train ticket
My time at university
At the post office
Reporting a theft
At the bank
Connecting to the internet
A ticket check

Anglais des affaires   Contenu de l’abonnement


A business trip
Whose computer is this?
Questions about your work
Scheduling a meeting
What I’m working on at the moment
Questions about a meeting
My career
Travelling for work
Booking a flight
An agenda for a meeting
Giving your opinion on a conference call
Financial results – a difficult month
An offer to buy a division
A sales bottleneck
Discussing a candidate for a job vacancy
An introduction to a presentation
A description of sales performance
Postponing a meeting
A customer complaint
A job application cover letter
Negotiating a price
Problems with a delivery
Discussing a job opportunity
An insurance claim
Updating a CRM system
Raising seed capital
Asking for a recommendation for a lawyer
A job offer
A printer jam
Share options
A review of a project
A new ferry service
A promotion at work
A private equity investment
A parcel delivery
A job application
A new office building