A new range of greenhouses

A sales director talks about the recent introduction of a new range of greenhouses.

Select the best option from those shown.

Our research that people are growing more fruit and vegetables in their gardens.

We're finding that as a result of this, they're often prepared to spend more on buying a greenhouse, because they know they'll good use of it.

The premium of the market grew at over 8% last year.

In response to this trend, we launched a new range of premium wooden greenhouses last month to our existing range of sheds.

The greenhouses are available in a range of colours and have monitoring systems built in which can be linked to an app.

In to ten years ago, when we last considered introducing a range of greenhouses, we're finding that customers are prepared to invest in extra features.

They also now to spend a lot of time researching the various options on the market, which gives us the opportunity to explain the benefits of our range.

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