Company strengths and weaknesses

The sales director of a building systems company has prepared a summary of the company's strengths and weaknesses.

Select the best option from those shown.

In advance of our meeting on Thursday, I've put a few thoughts below on our strengths and weaknesses relative to our main competitors. I'm sure there will be points I've , so we can discuss the list in the meeting if not before.

Kind regards,



  • customer support
  • Established brand, well respected in the market, with a reputation for product reliability
  • Nationwide - we can supply anywhere in the UK at 12 hours' notice.


  • Our cost structure is not particularly (we struggle to compete against some of the newer players with higher levels of automation).
  • We're not as being innovative (e.g. we don't offer a renewable energy-based solution).
  • Lack of on commercial terms - customers are increasingly asking for extended returns terms, but we can't get internal sign-off on periods of longer than 28 days.

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