The launch of a new brand of tea

A company founder discusses a product launch

M&A = mergers and acquisitions

Select the best option from those shown.

I set the company up seven years ago with my two co-founders. We our time developing the product as we knew we'd need a strong proposition if we wanted to take the more established players in the market.

The business is growing quickly as more customers discover our product. We've most of our competitors in terms of market share, and we're now the second-largest player in the speciality tea market.

Having said that, we're seeing a lot of M&A at the moment among our competitors. The third-largest company in the market has recently announced plans to take the fourth-largest company, so we might drop back down to third place.

In any case, we'll keep investing in the product. If all goes to plan, we should be in a position to take another fifty employees this year to help us to realise our growth plans.

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