Cost savings

A CEO describes the reasons for looking for cost savings.

Select the best option from those shown.

The market for our services is becoming more competitive. We're seeing a lot of on price, which means we're not achieving the same levels of return on capital as we were a year or two ago.

As a , we need to see how we can make our operations more efficient to help get our profitability back up to where it needs to be to meet our investors' .

We're therefore carrying out a line-by-line review of our spend to see where we can savings.

We're also looking at our overall business model to see if there are things we should do differently. For example, we may choose to the assembly of some of our products and to instead our in-house efforts on areas where we can add the most value, such as the production of specialised components.

I've asked the management team to identify ways of reducing our spend by at least 15%.

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