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Present perfect continuous


We use the present perfect continuous to describe actions that started in the past and are continuing in the present (and will probably continue into the near future).


To form the present perfect continuous, we use the verb "have" + "been" + "-ing" form of the main verb

positive I / You / We / They have
been living in France for five years.
He / She / It has
negative I / You / We / They have not
He / She / It has not
question Have I / You / We / They in France for five years?
Has He / She / It



Complete the sentences with the positive, negative or question form of the present perfect continuous for the verb in brackets:

  • She the bus to work while her car is being repaired. (take)
  • Tom and Sarah to London since they moved to the country. (not go)
  • I for my keys all morning but I still can’t find them. (look)
  • you English for long? (study)

Further practice

Complete the sentences with the present perfect continuous:

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