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Pronouns: subject, object


The subject of a sentence is the person or thing acting the verb:

I eat.
Subject verb

The object of a sentence is the person or thing receiving the action:

I eat apples.
Subject verb object


I eat them.
Subject verb object

The subject and the object of a sentence can be nouns or pronouns:

Anna likes chocolate.
subject (noun) verb object (noun)


She likes it.
subject (pronoun) verb object (pronoun)

Subject and object pronouns

Subject   object  
1st person singular I me
2nd person singular and plural you you
3rd person singular he him
she her
it it
1st person plural we us
3rd person plural they them


Complete the sentences with the correct subject pronoun.

  • My brother is clever. is a lawyer.
  • Ricardo and Guadalupe speak Spanish. are from Argentina.
  • often visit my aunt. She always bakes me a cake.
  • Clara is a doctor. works at the hospital.

Complete the sentences with the correct object pronoun.

  • Do you like oranges? No, I hate .
  • We are worried. Please help .
  • I don't like football. I never watch .
  • Robert is working here now. Do you like .

Further practice

Complete the sentences with the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

Check my answers



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