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Articles: a, an, the


We use indefinite articles for a non-specific singular noun:
We use the definite article for a specific singular noun, plural nouns and uncountable nouns:

Part 1 - indefinite articles

We use indefinite articles for one of a type, but not one in particular: We use "a" with: We use "an" with: Examples:
We use indefinite articles with quantifiers, for example:
  • a few
  • a little
  • a lot


Complete the sentences with "a" or "an":

  • We are buying new car.
  • Simon saw elephant at the zoo.
  • I am reading good book at the moment.
  • Do you drive expensive car?

Part 2 - definite article

We use "the" for: For example:
We use "the" with nouns and adjectives beginning with both vowels and consonants, but the pronunciation of the vowel sound changes:
  • before a vowel e.g. 'the apples':
  • before a consonant e.g. 'the big house':


Complete the sentences with "a", "an" or "the":

  • Where is money I gave you?
  • I will be there in hour.
  • This restaurant makes best food in town.
  • It wasn't good film.

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