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Future continuous


We use the future continuous to describe an action that starts and continues in the future.


To form the future continuous, we use "will be"
+ "-ing" form of the main verb

positive I / You / We / They
He / She / It
will be
'll be
waiting at the entrance.
negative will not be
won't be
question Will I / You / We / They
He / She / It
be at the entrance?



Complete the sentences with the positive, negative or question form of the future continuous for the verb in brackets:

  • This year, I the holidays with my family. (spend)
  • Tom and Sarah the house this weekend. (paint)
  • She to the concert because her car is being repaired. (not drive)
  • Will you your team to the meeting? (bring)

Further practice

Complete the sentences with the present perfect continuous:

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