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Reflexive pronouns


We use reflexive pronouns for the object of a clause when the object is the same as the subject.


This table shows the reflexive pronoun for each subject:

subject reflexive pronoun
I myself
you (singular)
you (plural)
we ourselves
they themselves
she herself
he himself
it itself

If we use by, it goes immediately before the reflexive pronoun:

subject action (by) reflexive pronoun
I did it (by) myself.
You (singular)
You (plural)
We ourselves.
They themselves.
She herself.
He himself.
It itself.



Complete the sentences with the correct reflexive pronoun with by if appropriate:

  • Simon taught to play the guitar.
  • Sarah asked me to go the cinema with her because she doesn't want to go .
  • They said they would help but they didn't so I had to clean the house .
  • We didn’t use an agent. We planned the trip .

Further practice

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence: a, b, c or d.

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