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Pronouns: relative

Relative pronouns - an introduction

who, which, that

Relative clauses tell us what person or thing someone is talking about, or give us more information about that person or thing.

We use "who", "which" and "that" as relative pronouns to:

  1. The man is an English teacher. He lives in London.
In the second example, "who" introduces the relative clause. The relative clause must have a subject so "who" replaces "He" because we cannot repeat "He" or "The man".

The relative clause tells the listener which man the speaker is talking about.

We use


  1. What is a fork?

More examples

This is the woman. She works in my office.
This is the woman who / that works in my office.

A woman called. She wanted your email address.
The woman who / that called wanted your email address.

This is the book. I enjoyed it.
This is the book which / that I enjoyed.


Complete the sentences with "who" or "which":

  • That's the house I want to buy.
  • A doctor is a person looks after sick people.
  • The woman got the job was very clever.
  • The film we enjoyed the most was three hours long.
  • The actor is standing next to him is very famous.
  • An aeroplane is something flies.

Further practice

Complete the sentences with "who" or "which":

  • That's the dog bit him.
  • This is the place I saw in the book.
  • Mary is the singer was in the accident.
  • The homework I forgot to do was very important.
  • The woman is the new director is from the USA.
  • My sister lives in Australia is a nurse.

Use the relative pronoun that to make the two sentences into one sentence.

  • This is the pen. It is broken.

  • Robert is the man. He stole my phone.

  • This is the house. It's the most expensive one on the street.

  • There's the restaurant. It isn't very good.


Further study

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