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Conjunctions and, or, but


and, or, but, so, because

Conjunctions are used to connect two sentences into one long sentence:
"and" is used to add items to a list: "or" is used to talk about options: "but" is used to show contrast: "so" gives the result of something: "because" gives the reason for something:
More examples

We usually place a comma before "or", "but" and "so".

With a long list we use commas and we put "and" before the last item: We can put "because" at the beginning of a sentence:


Complete the sentences with the correct conjunction.

  • I'm very good at sport, I'm terrible at maths.
  • The movie was bad, I left the cinema.
  • At university, he studied physics chemistry.
  • Mick can't drive, so he can take the train, he can take the bus.
  • Shelly didn't buy the car she didn't have enough money.

Further practice

Complete the sentences with the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

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