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Mixed conditionals

(Mixed conditionals)


Gemischte Konditionale kombinieren das zweite und dritte bedingte Muster.


  • If I ____ good at science, I would be an astronaut.

  • If she were my mother, I ____ her flowers.

  • Tom ____ go to the party if he had been invited.

  • The boys would have won the match if they ____ a better trainer.

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  • Wir können auch das Praeteritum der Vergangenheit in der 2. bedingten "if"-Klausel verwenden:
    "If it were raining, he wouldn’t have gone out on his motorbike."
  • Wir können "would" durch "should" / "might" / "could" ersetzen:
    "If it were raining, he might not have gone out on his motorbike."
  • Manchmal verwenden wir "when" anstelle von "if":
    "When she arrived on time, I should have thanked her."

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  • If the sun ____, we might have gone on a picnic.

  • I wouldn’t be tired if we ____ out last night.

  • If his alarm clock ____, he would be working there now.

  • Our online music sales ____ better if we hadn’t delayed the launch.

  • If he weren’t so mean, he ____ her a present.


  • I might have been a musician if I ____ more talented.

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